Sunday, December 6, 2015

#Thanksgambling 2015

Some of the family at David & Janet's home on Wednesday night
Once again I was welcomed by my extended family to Louisville, Kentucky over Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful traditional dinner on Wednesday evening and went to Churchill Downs for the races and a buffet on Turkey Day. I had a great time with my whole family, especially my Aunt Cathy, Uncle Joe & cousin Lucas who hosted my mom & I for the whole trip. Also thanks to Aunt Joanna, Uncle David, Emily and David who took me to a rainy rivalry NCAA game between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.
Wednesday Night Dinner
The track on Thursday was a sunny nice day.
Kate and some losing tickets at the track
Mom and the Guptons
Oh yeah, and there were some horse races
Picking Winners
Tiny Handicapper Crew

After the track my uncle Joe made a cool bonfire:

I went with the little bits to see a movie:
Hayley, Lindy, Gracie and Lauren
Kate, Claire, Elise and Evan

We also went to see a holiday light show:

Here's me at the game (tailgating) and the mascot up close:

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