Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Summer Pics (as promised)

In no particular order:
 It was great to see Green Means Go captain and cheeseburger expert Dorko in DC last weekend after sectionals.  This is Keri "not drinking" at the Argonaut. We promise.  Keri and I are taking over Philly the weekend of November 11 so look out.

This is a crazy, wack moth-like bug I saw in Raleigh near my sister's. (Actually outside my niece's dance studio.)  It's wings look just like leaves.  Nature!

At Oak Island, met this super cute baby dog. He is a Havanese, so likely a communist.  If that's what Communism looks like, I am all for it.

Here's Danielle, Me and Emily in NYC at her surprise 40th b-day party.  I am looking forward to turning 40 and looking like that!

 I hope to never own a car again.  If I do ever own a car, I hope it is this one I saw on H st NE DC.

A certain someone got a pretty high score on my semi-functional Ms Pac Man machine and wanted to make sure I captured it.  My 2nd place 52360 is particularly embarrassing given my home court advantage.

I went to the Kennedy center with Sarah and Frank to see Seinfeld.  This is the "Foyer of Flags" or some such nonsense.  I am looking forward to their wedding, which is coming up soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer? What Summer?

Peanuts, Cashews, Pecans, Macademia Nuts.  You name it, this summer has been nuts!  Sorry for the dearth of updates.  I've been busy.

I've been playing a lot of league disc and also with a women's club team called Veto.  It's great to be playing women's.

I just got back from Labor Day at Oak Island where I saw my mom, her dog Goofus and Lindy and Kate & their parents.  It was great to be back at the beach.  We had a pretty rousing game of kids vs. parents "ultimate".  Clear eyes, full hearts.

I got to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Kennedy Center with Sarah and Frank. That guy is still pretty funny.

I'm back running track workouts again.  There's just nothing like it for total exertion.

Watching the olympics was great.  Congrats especially to the team USA gymnasts. These were my two favorite memes to come out of the spectical:

I'll log back in to this post and get you some pics at some point.

Watching the US Open now.  Pulling for late-career heroics from Andy Roddick and continued distruction of anything in her path by Serina.

Also CANNOT wait for the NFL to start.  Eagles vs. Browns 9/9/11 1:00 PM.  Let's Go Eagles!

Looking forward to Sarah's wedding in a couple of weeks in Minnesota.
Also, what *may* be my last ever USAU regionals, at the end of September.  I know I've said that before, but it has to be true at some point, right?!?!?