Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Search is Over: GlobalGiving!

I spent the last 3 months looking for a job. (More on that process and what I learned from it soon.)

I'm thrilled to announce I've accepted a new position at GlobalGiving.  GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising website that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities.  

Check it out: 

I'll be a Senior Development Manager there, contributing to a team that is working towards significant expansion of the already successful platform.  I'm excited to continue working in the online industry, and to join an organization with a mission I am passionate about: To catalyze a global market for ideas, information, and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy.

I was fortunate to have some great choices and thanks so much to those of you who listened to me whine on ad nauseam about them while I tried to make a choice.  In the end this role and organization was the place I felt most comfortable.

The position is in DC, so I'll be staying in town. 

I am grateful to have received so much help and advice in this quest to change careers.  Tons of friends (and friends-of-friends) sent me links, job postings or suggestions of people who I might be able to speak with. Thanks! It worked.

I start May 12 and I can't wait.  I'll let you know how it goes.

(File under 'well, obviously': After a hiatus for the job search I'm back to blogging periodically here at 'Spondence.  I have some things to share but I doubt I'll be writing as much as I did last year.  We'll see.  I just got a cable package with NBATV so I may be posting a bit about the #Playoffs.)