Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Recap

So far, spring in DC has involved playing in two ultimate leagues, running on the mall, watching the NBA playoffs and a bit of the NHL playoffs as well (though with the Caps out that will likely end). 

Women's league on Thursday night has been SUPER FUN and reminded me that playing women's ultimate is one of the most fun things to do on the earth. Co-ed spring league has pretty much exactly lived up to my expectations of co-ed, which probably says more about my setting expectations for activities than it does about mixed league.

I've enjoyed catching up with the Stouts and Sarah now that we all share a lack of congressional representation.  I've explored U Street and Eastern Market, but H Street NE is my new home, with several strong brunch options.  (Good thing I've been running.)

Oh yeah, watching and re-watching Justified is a good way to spend some of your time.  Boyd Crowder is my new Omar. 

I saw the Nationals win a game in their nice park which is not too long a walk from my apt.  This town is going nuts with the Nationals and Orioles in first place in their divisions.

This round of the NBA playoffs is going to have some time tested themes Celtics/Sixers (Age vs. Youth); Pacers/Heat (everyone loves an underdog) Lakers/Thunder (Changing of the Guard + Derek Fisher forgets who he now plays for and scores on his own goal) and Spurs/Clippers (over-achiever vs. under-achiever).  Still expecting the Thunder to beat the Heat in 6 in the finals (as much as it PAINS me to see Fisher get ANOTHER ring he didn't earn.)

Barb and I are holding another Lemonade Stand for ALSF, this year with the help of Lindy's Brownie troop. I'll be the one drinking lemonade laced with Valium.

For the record, my posting infrequency has nothing to to with my addiction to a certain Draw Something app.  Nothing at all.