Saturday, October 22, 2011

Falling down on the job

Sorry, meant to post ages ago. It's a vicious cycle, the longer I wait the more I have to post so the more time I need to write it up so I don't even want to think about it. In order to get over that hump here is a jumbled up update of some of the things that have been going on:
  • Still living in Charlottesville, VA - the fall foliage is gorgeous.
  • Still working crazy nuts and flying every week and getting very sick of that.
  • Conducted a Georgetown University Alumni Interview yesterday. Man, applying to college seems like another lifetime ago. Kids are so hung up on and so stressed by their SATs.
  • Went to Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks for a week and had an amazing time. Perfect weather the first week in October. Great off season rates. Ridiculous house had 9 rooms and baths, a pool, hot tub, pool table, foosball table, poker table and 12 plasma screen TVs. And a hammock.
  • Just learned to play KanJam (at said vacation and like it a lot.)
  • Still going to Cross-Fit. I am still terrible. I am learing to dead lift and over head squat and do chin-ups and squats with a kettle ball and "farmer's carries". If none of that makes any sense, I know. I do. That is normal. It is something of a cult and the espouse eating the paleo diet and work out like maniacs 6 days a week. I am usually the weakest kid in class, but not always. I can't get any worse.
  • Got the new iPhone 4S. Love it. Much faster. RIP Leroy, Long live Clarissa.
  • I was in NYC for Hurricane Irene and it was insane to see all the stores and restaurants and everything in NYC closed. I walked down the Broadway sidewalks in Soho alone. Incredible. Very weird. Very vanilla sky. I strongly recommend the jalapeno tequila cocktail at the Bowery Hotel for assisting with the passage of a hurricane.
  • I went to Dave's sister Catherine's wedding in Roanoke VA over labor day weekend. Big elaborate affair with super fun Indian rehearsal dinner. Congrats to Catherine & Rohit.
  • Played the fall series (again!) this time with Crayon Pony Fish, some girls from UVA. My back is getting pretty bad and I need to retire, but they were nice and it was pretty fun.
  • VA fusion was at an incredible sports complex near Martinsville, VA with lights and bathrooms and concessions and we all felt almost like real athletes. It was a lot of fun.
  • Went to Fayetteville, WV for Bridge Day and incredible White Water Rafting, (but saw neither). The fall foliage out there was incredible too and the campground was pretty nice.
  • My mom is working on selling her house in Myersville, MD and looking to head to North Carolina. Say goodbye to the mountain.
  • Still working in Knoxvegas, NYC, and Reston, VA at no predictable interval.
Hope you are well and having a great fall. I'll try and sync and post some photos once i figure out how to work my iCloud.