Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Humble Courtnespondent, Reporting On Location...

Howdy. Against all odds, I am still surviving south of the Mason-Dixon line. Apparently one can breathe down here. I have some cred, since I was actually born in North Carolina, but after 11 years in NYC that hardly counts.

Charlottesville is fine. There are plenty of restaurants and bars, so I'm fed, and watered. I've been cooking a bit more than I used to, since we have a big kitchen. I'm luxuriating in doing laundry at any hour of the day in my own home. I thought I would be really excited about the microwave too, but I haven't used that yet.

Here's how Dave is doing, after living with me for almost two months. I'm looking into a prescription for Levatol for him:
And maybe some Paxil.

We're at a tourist trap on VA-I64 between Charlottesville and where Dave's parents live called the Natural Bridge. It's a tall gap carved into the limestone by a stream. It's actually really pretty:

Dave took me to Blacksburg, VA to see College Game Day when Duke was ranked #1 and came to VaTech. It was a crazy time. The kids jumped around and screamed the whole game. It was hard fought and a close game all night and the 'Hokies*' pulled out an upset victory. (*As far as I can tell, Hokie is a hillbilly term for turkey.) Here's us at the game:
The whole stadium was shaking. After the final seconds ticked off the clock, the kids stormed the court. They danced and cheered for ages:
The Turkeys went on to lose their next two games, but beating Duke was an ACC conference grudge match, so they were happy. They'll likely get their first bid to the NCAA tournament in years, largely due to the expansion from 64 to 68 teams.

Speaking of the tournament, I am all jazzed about the Madness of March. Look out for the Big BEast!! This year's tourney at MSG was great. Kemba Walker could be this year's Carmello Anthony so be aware. Of course, I was disapointed in the Hoyas showing, but they may be a bit better in the NCAAs when Chris Wright comes back. Then again, I am still smarting from the round one-and-done exit last year, so I won't count any chickens...

Once again, I'll be watching the first weekend of the tourney in Las Vegas, so I can bet on all the games. I'll let you know how that goes.

After that, it's not too long until Fools and the Derby. Get amped.