Monday, September 29, 2008

SARASOTA (it is on)



Regionals is Oct 12 & 13. Stay tuned. It is an understatement to say that I am fully amped.

Not sure if you've been checking the personals, but it looks like Something About Mary's ex-boyfriend is causing some hurt feelings in the Meadowlands: check it out.

Jets game was pretty fun by the way. Last year of Giants stadium at the Meadowlands. Favre throws no less than 6 TDs and only one INT. Tell your grandkids you knew me, and I went to the game.

If he were only dead, I'm pretty sure Morrissey would be spinning in his grave that NFL Sunday Ticket is using "Every day's like Sunday" as a theme song.

The Ambush fundraiser Slumber Party was 'successful' in so many ways. You can probably find the pics on Picasa and Facebook if you are over 18.

Dallas persists.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

All Hail the Mighty State

So it seems that September 24, 2008 is officially, “Launch Your New Web Business Day”. I have two to share with you. Both cool, very different:

My friend Tushar kicked off this new site, , that provides us, the conscious consumers, valuable tips about how to make choices that are more environmentally friendly. The site design does look a little familiar to me, reminding me of a certain health web site we both know well. Hmmmm…

My friend Brandon launched this political advertising hedge site, . You can buy an ad for Obama here and it’ll run with “brought to you by Brian Stout” in the copy. Then when the Republicans steal the election again, if Obama doesn’t win you GET YOUR MONEY BACK, which you’ll need, to buy your plane ticket out of the country before the hell fires reign.

When old man McCain kicks it, evangelical Governor Palin will be in charge and I get the sense she is looking forward to The Reckoning to the point of hastening it, if she can.
The onion agrees:

Was anyone else bowled over by how articulate Ahmadinejad seems in speeches and on Larry King? Maybe he is just talking about recipes and his female interpreter is the genius, but he sure seems a lot smarter than our President. I’m adding Iran to my places to visit list.

Bush's request for 700 B today went over a little thin for me. Frankly, I’m hoping the dollar devalues to nothing and we can get back to a barter economy. I have some cool shit to trade and eBay and paypal are already the infrastructure we need for this to work. I’ll trade you season 2 of The Wire for an excellent steak dinner and a bottle of Shiraz. See?

This dispatch comes to you from Dallas, where I’m presently staffed. It’s weird. I haven’t been here since 1994 or so. It doesn’t seem to have changed much. I drove past the old house. There were bigger trees out front but it basically looked the same. I drove past R.L. Turner High School which looks similar, but with more additions. There’s a fence around the property that gives off a prison feel. The Tippin’s Pie Pantry where I worked in high school is now a CVS pharmacy. For old time’s sake I went in and demanded a pie, but no dice. I went by Sophia’s grave. That made me feel 16. And sad.

I had dinner with Dennis on Tuesday, which was great. We had real live Tex-Mex which I love, but cannot find properly in NYC, and we discussed all manner of updates including his upcoming direction of the Tempest.

Snap back to reality (NYC):
Ambush won sectionals without a fight, which we always do. Regionals in Devens, MA in October will be another story, but we are amped about the prospects. We have sic new jerseys with lady liberty on the front and back and we look super fly. Also, another Ambush 'fund raiser' is on this weekend. We’ve had cow girls, prom dates, and girl scouts, but get it all ready for this one which may be the rager of them all: Slumber Party!

House guests recap: I had a great time seeing Mama who’s in Mexico now. Ariba! We went to a Mets game and a poetry slam. I didn’t spend quite enough time with Amy & Simon when they were in NYC, but I expect to make that up next year when I visit them in Fiji! Double Fulbright Holla!

This weekend I’m going to see John Madden’s boyfriend Bret Favre play the Arizona Cardinals at Giants stadium. I also have Ambush practice and then I’ll fly back to the Big D. Much further out than that is still hazy but stay tuned.

I saw this great sign today:

I can only assume this was put up when our President was still the Guv’ner of this ‘Mighty State’.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Pains, Labor Day

Hello, dear reader. Now that we've run-off those fair-weather-friends who expect a post more than once a month, we can get back to basics.

When we left off, I was about to head up to Vermont with Ambush for LogJam. Vermont is still beautiful. However, it rained all day, both days on us and we were cold and pruney. Ambush won the tournament (after a couple of massive come-backs) so that was fun. Although, arguably not quite enough fun to justify 16 hours of driving and 16 hours outside in the rain in a weekend.

Shortly after LogJam I had to report to the Chicago suburbs for 3 weeks for new robot training. This time, I'm faculty, We had to work weekends. All the participants are fresh out of university. My job is to wind the key in their back, exorcise any tendencies of original thought and dampen their spirits. Objective achieved. I actually had more fun at school than I expected. I attribute this to the fact that many of the co-faculty and participants were international and I generally prefer the company of non-Americans to Americans.

I also learned what many of you already doubtlessly know: that I speak too quickly, too loudly and too frequently. I am now trying to work on this.

As a 'section room lead' I showed great restraint when i did not hang an 'arbeit mach frie' sign over the doorway.

Following the prison camp, I went with Ambush to beautiful Santa Cruz, California for the very tough, high level Labor Day tournament. We played Fury, Backhoe, Safari, Loose Cannon, Brute Squad and Godiva and lost all 6 games. Ugly. On the upside, we had awesome pickups from the CA area: Gulley, Lisa, Bossa, Puja and Mega it was great to play with you guys. Let me know when you are next in NYC. Also I had incredible burritos. CA does Mexican like you can't find in NYC. Finally, the fields, although in a desert were plush and green (irrigated) and on Mount Olympus. Seriously, the nature of clouds and fog and the view from the fields down to the bay made it seems like we were playing in the clouds. Red eye home was as much fun as you'd expect.

September is crazy house guest month: Seb and Tex, Aussies touring after worlds in Vancouver are staying with me now. Mama will be here this weekend for a week or so. Amy and Simon are also coming up from Caracus for a while. So yay! Fun to see everyone.

What does the future hold? Reply hazy try again later. Here's what I can tell you: Ambush has sectionals and regionals coming up, so once again I'll do that, though both the ankle and hamstring are functioning way below normal. I still haven't seen Sarah, or my parents or sister since returning home, so that is on the agenda.

Work wise, I am still 'unstaffed' and uncertain. I'm working on resolving that. I'll either be staffed in New York (+), London (+++), North Jersey (- - - - - - - - - ), West Africa (+++++++++) or any other conceivable location. Once I figure that out, I'll go there. So there.