Friday, April 6, 2012

Relo: Party like its 1789

So,  it has been a while. I moved.  I live on Capitol Hill in DC now.   It's weird to be back in a city I lived in when I went to Georgetown.  I think I saw the whole city pretty differently then.  DC isn't my favorite place in the whole world but it is doing it's best to change my mind.

Capitol Hill is actually pretty rad.  I have been running around the sand path on the Mall at night.  That's fun. This is me on the way home at the 4 mile point.  Despite the look on my face I didn't pass out right after I took this:

Last weekend was Fools.  You know it was pretty foolish. It was nice after the games to drive home for 1 hour not 3 or 6.  Check out the classy poster Taliesin made for us.  Here's me and Jen repping our old school Ambush hats:

I had a blast. (We played pretty well and had the most fun.) Taco Forever.

Tonight I played in a WAFC women's spring league.  It was super fun.  The Washington ultimate community has their act together in a way that NYC has never quite pulled of for whatever reason.  It was fun doing drills and playing women's.  They have 85 women out playing spring league.  Look out.

In a non-DC note I'll just take a moment here to brag that I won my NCAA pool again this year.  I am already breaking down next years teams in preparation for my 3-peat.

Next up: coed spring league this weekend and researching the availability of chairs on freecycle.

If anyone out there has any tips for how to get that Carly Rae Jepsen song out of my head please speak up! (Warning: do not click that link unless you want the song in your head forever.)